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Care at The Poche Centre

The Poche Centre is a purpose-built, world-class, integrated melanoma treatment facility providing the best possible care for patients, and is the headquarters of Melanoma Institute Australia. The Poche Centre was made possible by a generous donation from philanthropist Mr Greg Poche.

Over 70 staff including dermatologists, oncologists and surgeons, clinical trials staff and researchers are located under the one roof sharing technology, resources, facilities and expertise. This integration enhances the exchange of ideas and research methods, ensuring the latest treatment and knowledge in melanoma care are quickly translated to patients.

The Poche Centre houses independent clinical practices that provide care to melanoma patients throughout Australia.  It is only the centre in Australia that focuses on a single cancer. 

As well as world-class consulting facilities, The Poche Centre contains:

  • State-of-the-art laboratories and biospecimen banking facilities
  • Self-learning hub for patients to teach themselves about melanoma and treatment options
  • Largest melanoma patient database and integrated tumour bank in the world
  • Modern educational facilities including a 100-seat capacity auditorium, video streaming and conference rooms
  • Provision of Clinical Nurse Consultants to provide support and education for patients
  • Molecular pathology leading the way for personalised medicine for melanoma patients
  • Facilities dedicated to the preparation and storage of drugs used in clinical trials and treatment
  • Cutting edge facilities for laser capture microscopy.
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