Prevention is better than cure

At Greenline, we refuse to see Australia become an indoors country, so we’ve spent two generations softening the sun’s effects. Faced with extremely varied landscapes and conditions, we’ve learned to be creative in our approach. We design resilient structures that can stand up to the harsh, dry sun of the south, or use innovative design to catch breezes in the tropical heat of the north.

In doing this, we create much more than shade – we craft carefully designed spaces where communities can come together.

Working together

Greenline didn’t realise just how prevalent and widespread melanoma is. As leaders of the shade industry, it’s our responsibility to set an example and raise awareness of the seriousness of the sun’s side effects yet promote a healthy and active lifestyle. It makes sense to join as corporate sponsors of Melanoma Institute Australia and support their ground-breaking research and help to spread this important message.

Check out the Greenline website to learn more who they are and what they do.

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