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Referral Process

Appointments at Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) are by clinician referral only. Clinicians and patients can contact the Institute on +61 2 9911 7200 with any questions about our referral process. 
Clinical Care  
MIA is an independent, non-profit organisation that facilitates melanoma treatment and care through clinicians who are credentialed with the Institute. The clinics associated with MIA do not provide public outpatient services. All patients are billed for their direct clinical care by the private attending physician. 
Patients referred to the MIA's affiliated specialist medical practitioners are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

If you are a patient wanting to understand more about melanoma please visit the understanding melanoma section of this website.

Melanoma Education Portal

Developed by Melanoma Institute Australia, our e-learning portal educates healthcare professionals across Australia about the latest advances in melanoma diagnosis and treatment to ensure best practice and equity of care for all melanoma patients.

The Portal provides Specialists, GPs and Nurses with access to accredited learning modules, videos, podcasts and more. Content is regularly developed and updated, translating our latest understanding of melanoma into the clinic setting.

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Clinical Trial App

Clinical trials are a crucial part of the research undertaken at Melanoma Institute Australia. 

Download the ClinTrial Refer app to help you find the most suitable MIA clinical trial for your melanoma patients.

To view all clinical trials from MIA, either log in or click on ‘browse’ and search for ‘Melanoma Institute Australia’. Then click ‘Search Trials’ to find a trial suitable for your patient’s disease status.

The app is available from the AppStore or Google Play.

Melanoma eBooks 

Take your learning to the next level with our melanoma e-textbooks. Written by the multidisciplinary team at MIA, our eBooks provide an invaluable opportunity to learn from the experts in an exciting and easily understood format, offering the reader an interactive experience to facilitate learning. They have now been made free to download. 

The eBooks contain interactive images, photos and video that supplement text to build an understanding not possible from a printed book. They are available to download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.

Melanoma Essentials: A Concise Guide is the new easy-to-read resource for GPs and other medical, nursing and allied professionals who are not specialised in the treatment of melanoma. It has a strong diagnostic and practical management emphasis to help you gain a better understanding of the disease.

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Melanoma Principles & Practices is a specialist-calibre e-textbook on melanoma care and treatment that provides a comprehensive practical resource to aid all clinical areas. It is set to become an ultimate resource on melanoma.

This free e-textbook is richly illustrated with clinical images and video, histology, diagrams and interactive modules including the broad spectrum of practice, diagnostic techniques, pathology, operative surgery, and systemic therapies. Being available through iBooks Store enables readers to have easy access to updates as advances are made in melanoma research and treatment. 

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Patient Information Guides

Information guides have been designed by Melanoma Institute Australia to support patients who have been recently diagnosed with melanoma.

These guides help to:

  • Answer questions when the patient is first diagnosed
  • Understand melanoma diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care
  • Inform the patient where to go for further information and resources

There are four different guides based on stage of disease:

  • Melanoma Prevention
  • Early Melanoma (Stage 0-II)
  • Stage III Melanoma 
  • Stage IV Melanoma 

Download Melanoma Prevention PDF Download Your Guide to Early Melanoma PDF  


Download Your Guide To Stage III Melanoma PDF Download Your Guide to Stage IV Melanoma PDF



Printed copies* of the ‘Your Guide’ patient information books are available to order for free in bulk for your clinic. Visit the Melanoma Education Portal to place your order. *Please note that the 'Melanoma Prevention' book is currently not available as printed copy, it can be downloaded as a PDF using the link below the cover image.