Give monthly

Give monthly

Donate monthly and become a Melanoma Life Saver!

You can help reduce the number of lives lost to melanoma every day by setting up a regular monthly donation. By partnering with Melanoma Institute Australia in this special way, and becoming a monthly giver, you will help to fund innovative research, treatment and education programs bringing us closer to our goal of 100% of patients surviving.The faster we get there, the more lives we can save.

Why Paul is proud to be a Melanoma Life Saver

“I decided to become a Melanoma Life Saver to help the researchers at MIA find a cure, I know that breakthroughs don’t happen overnight and that cures can only come from a commitment to research. I understand it takes time to carry out clinical trials to see if a potential treatment is both safe and effective,” said Paul.

Paul has been a kind supporter and volunteer with MIA since August 2013 after he lost his young wife Natalie to melanoma. Sitting alongside Natalie for many of her appointments, Paul was impressed by the passion and dedication of the doctors and trial nurses at MIA, who often went above and beyond in their care.

Paul became a Melanoma Life Saver a year ago and says he’s found giving monthly to be a satisfying way of giving. He has also found it a convenient way to give because it’s automatic and allows him to spread his contributions evenly over the year.

“I donate monthly because it helps me to manage financially, I have a house, and most of my money is tied up with my house, so giving on a monthly basis is convenient and helps me budget,” said Paul.

What your monthly gift can help fund:

Your monthly gift will work hard all year round, helping to fund vital research, amazing people and education.For example...

  • $25 per month — could fund super frost slides, used under the microscope to further understand melanoma – enabling personalised treatments.
  • $50 per month — could help fund pioneering research – where one of our researchers could make a major discovery or breakthrough.
  • $100 per month — could help educate schools, companies and community groups about sun-safety and increase their awareness of melanoma.
  • $150 per month — could enable a Clinical Nurse Consultant to provide support to advanced melanoma patients for one week.

Donate Monthly

Please click on the “donate monthly” button and complete the form to become a Melanoma Life Saver with Melanoma Institute Australia.

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