FAQs from Event Organisers

Are you able to fly a Speaker in if our event is interstate?
This will vary for each event and is dependent on the type of event and location. As a general rule, if a Speaker is requested for an awareness raising or educational event, the event organiser would need to cover any travel or accommodation costs. If it was a fundraising event, this would depend on the size of the event and the estimated funds to be raised. We would discuss this with you prior to a Speaker being booked for your event.
Who will the Speaker be?
We will be able to advise you who will speak at your event once they have been booked in. We have a range of engaging and inspirational Speakers who are just waiting to tell their story, so you definitely won’t be disappointed. We spend some time carefully matching requests with Speakers to ensure you get the right person for your event. All of our Speakers are volunteers who have completed their Melanoma Institute Australia Speakers’ Hub induction program.
Can we have a doctor or medical specialist also present?

The Speakers’ Hub is a volunteer program featuring Speakers who have had melanoma or have cared for a loved one with melanoma. Their power is in telling their engaging personal stories as well as general information about melanoma and Melanoma Institute Australia. If you would like to request a medical specialist attend an event to provide detailed scientific content, or to answer medical queries, please call Melanoma Institute Australia on 9911 7200.

How would a Speaker benefit my events?

The Speakers’ Hub is a volunteer program aimed to educate people around Australia about melanoma, the latest research updates and prevention strategies. Everyone can benefit from understanding melanoma, what to look for and how to practice sun safety. Often the best way to inspire audiences is to hear first-hand from a patient or family members about their melanoma journey. This will assist you to connect with your audience and maximise the success of your event.

Do I have to pay to have a Speaker at my event?

Only if you are a corporate business. The Speakers’ Hub is generously funded by major donors and MIA is very grateful to them for their support. As a Not for Profit, we remain heavily reliant on philanthropy to continue our important work. We ask corporates who use our Speakers’ Hub to make a tax deductible donation of $1,000 - this will support our ground-breaking research and help save lives!


FAQs from Speakers


What does it mean to be a part of The Speakers’ Hub?
As a Speaker, you are a volunteer who gives your time and skills to educate the community about melanoma. You will receive special training to help raise awareness and share your story with the community. We want our network to consist of a wide range of people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences.


What are you looking for in a Speaker?
We are looking for individuals who are willing to engage and passionate about spreading awareness about melanoma. This is a voluntary role, but it is a fantastic way to help raise awareness whether you’re a patient, survivor or if you have a cared for someone with melanoma, and you want to share your story, get in touch with us at laura.svatos@melanoma.org.au


Is everyone automatically accepted as a Speaker?
As much as we value everyone’s willingness to step up and help spread the word, we don’t always have places available for new Speakers. You are encouraged to contact us at laura.svatos@melanoma.org.au so we have your details and your story, and then we can let you know how we’re travelling in terms of demand and upcoming engagements.


Can you tell me more about the training you provide for new Speakers?
All Speakers will receive training to ensure they are comfortable and confident in delivering their presentations. The training will be delivered in a one-day course consisting of small groups to ensure that every participant is involved and to maximise learning. The training will ultimately guide you in delivering an engaging personal story that moves people to take action to help end melanoma.
I work and am not available at all times. Will this affect my chances of becoming part of Melanoma Institute Australia’s Speakers’ Hub?
No, not at all. Your involvement will be dependent on a few factors. Our Speakers present all around Australia and we understand you cannot be everywhere and that you also have your personal and work commitments. If you become a Speaker, we will contact you when we find an event suited to your locality, personality and expertise. We will always try to match requests with Speaker availability and skills.


I don’t have melanoma, but I know someone who has/had it. Am I eligible to become a Speaker?
Absolutely! We provide you with speaker training, so if there is something you feel unsure of, you can ask as many questions during this training. It is a fantastic way to spread awareness, and also become more educated. Your story is just as valuable and the story of people who had had melanoma.
What kind of fundraising events are Speakers invited to address?
They’re all different! You may visit a school, speak to a corporate organisation, attend a Golf Day or attend a fundraising dinner. Our aim is to raise as much awareness as we can so our Speakers present at a variety of events and locations.  
How long will the presentations go for?
This will be dependent upon each event’s aims and objectives. You will be notified well in advance about the type of event and the expectations.
Will I be paid?
Being a Speaker is a voluntary role. Of course we cover travel and accommodation costs if needed, so you won’t be out of pocket while you are spreading the word. We go over all those details prior to you accepting a booking.


Do I have to accept every Speaker opportunity I am offered?
Of course not, but we’d love you to! We understand people have families, jobs and other commitments so no dramas on our end if you can’t accept a booking we offer you. It won’t affect us offering you any future suitable bookings that may come up.