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Do you want to be educated and learn more about melanoma? Do you want to learn how to practice sun safety and implement prevention strategies? Are you interested in hearing about personal melanoma stories by trained and confident speakers? Is yes, then Melanoma Institute Australia’s Speakers’ Hub is a perfect fit for you/your event!

You may wish to request a Speaker if you’re organising a presentation or event. A feature of The Speakers’ Hub is the assortment of events where Speakers’ can be utilised. We are here to raise awareness and educate about melanoma, so if you think your event/presentation would benefit from having a Speaker, get in touch!

The Speakers’ Hub is a volunteer program aimed to educate people around Australia about melanoma, the latest research updates and prevention strategies. Everyone can benefit from understanding melanoma, what to look for and how to practice sun safety. Often the best way to inspire audiences is to hear first-hand from a patient or family members about their melanoma journey. Our Speakers have all participated in mandatory training through Melanoma Institute Australia to ensure they are skilled in presenting to audiences.  This will assist you to connect with your audience and maximise the success of your event.

The Speakers’ Hub is a great opportunity for people to share their stories and connection to melanoma. From local clubs, workplaces, awareness groups, sports day and charity dinners, we’ve got you covered! If you’re not sure, fill out the ‘Request a Speaker form’ and we can discuss the best options for you.

Note to corporate businesses: The Speakers’ Hub is generously funded by major donors and MIA is very grateful to them for their support. As a Not for Profit, we remain heavily reliant on philanthropy to continue our important work. We ask corporates who use our Speakers’ Hub to make a tax deductible donation of $1,000 - this will support our ground-breaking research and help save lives!

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