Erik Mather 2-4-6 Swim

Over successive years in the 80's and 90's, Erik was the Balmoral Beach Club Captain, Club Champion and Iron Man Champion. He is remembered outside of his diverse sporting and corporate achievements for his humour, involvement in the Beach Club activities and the encouragement he gave to all members to join in. He has left a wonderful legacy to the community through the creation of the Balmoral Beach Club Nippers, which is said to have the highest participation rate across all of the Nippers programs in NSW.

The 2,4,6 km invitational open water swim established by Erik in 1998, was renamed in 2013 by the Balmoral Beach Club in Erik's memory.

Balmoral Beach Club members and member’s guests participating in the race are encouraged to make a donation, in lieu of an entry fee, in support of the Melanoma Institute of Australia.

Every contribution will help reach our target this year of $15,000. All donations are received by the Melanoma Institute Australia and contribute to the significant advances in melanoma treatment options coming directly from the ongoing research efforts of the Melanoma Institute Australia.

Registration numbers for the swim event are strictly limited. No on-the-day registration is available for non-club members. Under 18’s will need to re-confirm registering on the day with their parent/guardian signing consent.

Erik Mather 2-4-6 Swim

24 Nov 2018 6:15am - 9:00am

Location: The Balmoral Beach Club, 6 The Esplanade, Balmoral.
Contact: David Holmes
Ticket Price: Donation, in lieu of an entry fee