It's time to march for a cure!

It's time to march for a cure!

17 November 2014

Join us for our fourth annual Melanoma March and help us raise over $1 million for melanoma research as we march for a cure!

With 25 marches being held across the country, Melanoma March will officially launch with our new logo in Melbourne on 22nd February and continue throughout the month of March. The country will unite with marches being held in almost every state across Australia.

As a result of funds raised from the hugely successful 2014 Melanoma March initiative, MIA is currently hosting a world-first clinical trial for desperately ill melanoma patients with brain metastases. This trial has been made possible thanks to the generous support from the Australian community and the outcome will likely change the way that advanced melanoma patients are treated in the future.

Register now to march or to donate to help us find a cure.