A day in the life of... Georgia Cairns CNC

A day in the life of... Georgia Cairns CNC

10 March 2017

Providing vital care and education for patients throughout their treatment is the primary role for our Clinical Nurse Consultants, like Georgia.

"I spend much of my day educating patients. For patients who have undergone surgery, it is vitally important that they know how to look after their surgical site to reduce the potential for post-operative complications. For example, if a patient has had a lower limb graft, they need to be educated about the importance of wound dressings and gradual return to mobilisation.  

"For patients receiving medical therapies, I educate them about their disease, treatment and how to manage their day-to-day symptoms, including toxicities. I spend a lot of my day co-ordinating tests, like blood test, CTs and PETs, to assist the team to diagnose the cause of the patients’ symptoms and then co-ordinate treatment in the community. The goal of our care is to keep patients well so that they can continue to receive their life-saving treatments.  

"I get great job satisfaction when I can solve the puzzle about what is causing the patients symptoms and help them to feel well again."

I’m proud to be part of the team at MIA that is pioneering treatment for melanoma patients.

Georgia is currently organising our inaugural melanoma conference designed especially nurses. Find out more.