A Day in the Life of... Michelle Peranec

A Day in the Life of... Michelle Peranec

30 September 2016

Patient blood and tissue samples underpin much of our research at MIA. Working as a Translational Research Officer, Michelle Peranec’s role is to connect the clinics at The Poche Centre to the laboratory by ensuring patient blood and tissue samples are documented and carefully stored in our BioSpecimen Bank for use in vital research.

9am: I start my day by going through the patient lists to see who is visiting their oncologist today. I decide which patients I’m interested in for our research based on their type of melanoma, what treatment they are receiving and how they are responding.

10am: I head to the clinics where I approach the patients and ask if they’d like to donate blood to our BioSpecimen Bank. This is my favourite part of my day as I get to meet the patients and get a glimpse into their journey. Once patients have consented, I arrange for their blood or tissue sample to be taken.

1pm: By the afternoon, I have a collection of samples. I help my colleague in the lab process them and ensure the paperwork is accurate. 

3pm: Researchers from outside MIA also request samples from our BioSpecimen Bank, so I go through our frozen samples and send some to collaborators for their own melanoma research.

“It’s nice to know that I can – in a small way – play a role in helping future melanoma patients.”