A day in the life of... Sarah Lane

A day in the life of... Sarah Lane

14 July 2017

Senior Clinical Trial Coordinators, like Sarah Lane, support melanoma patients throughout the clinical trial process. Sarah shares her typical day with us.

My day revolves primarily around my patients, from organising scans and appointments, attending clinics and liaising with the doctors to deal with any side effects patients may be having. For some patients a clinical trial can be their last/only option of receiving the much needed drugs to fight against the disease. It is a privilege to go on this journey with these patients. No one day is the same.

Clinical trials are vital for achieving our goal of curing melanoma. Without clinical trials we would not have the drugs available to us today such as immunotherapies and targeted therapies. These are essential to help find a cure for melanoma, and working at Melanoma Institute Australia enables me to work with the best in the world in the field of melanoma.

I am the clinical trial coordinator for the ABC study that was recently presented at ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) by Professor Georgina Long. It is fantastic to be part of something that is changing a once death sentence diagnosis to a diagnosis of hope and possibility that we are getting one step closer to cure.

I’m proud I’m working to make a difference to melanoma treatment around the world.