Research Director Graham Mann explains where Melanoma March funds are going

Research Director Graham Mann explains where Melanoma March funds are going

10 March 2015

Now in its fourth year, Melanoma March is an Australia-wide fundraising and awareness campaign which unites communities around the nation to march together for a cure. This year we hope to raise $1 million to support a national research project that will assist melanoma researchers around Australia to develop the next generation of treatment options. 

Funds raised from the 2015 Melanoma March campaign will enable MIA and melanoma research centres around the nation to work together to isolate melanoma cells, bank, distribute and test them against new treatments. This approach is a powerful way to capitalise on emerging knowledge from gene and immunity analysis that is showing where melanoma is vulnerable to attack.

“We see this new initiative as our Phase Two of the Genome Project, focusing on how these mutations both strengthen and weaken melanoma cells. It will capitalise on the opportunities we now have to explain, counteract and overcome melanoma in our patients," explained MIA’s Research Director, Graham Mann.

"This type of project is what we need to accelerate the development of cures there is no question about that. 

"The fundraising by the community has been the main driver that has got our Genome Project off the ground and we are hoping to achieve the same success through Melanoma March with this project. 

“We’re determined to find more breakthroughs to prolong the lives of our patients and offer them a better quality of life. Community fundraising is crucial in achieving these successes."