Uniting the world for a cure

Uniting the world for a cure

30 September 2016

Our efforts to end melanoma are spanning the globe. Melanoma experts from around the world are preparing to unite in Sydney for the Australasian Melanoma Conference.

MIA is hosting the conference which will bring together some of the greatest minds in melanoma research to showcase current practice and research innovation that will make a difference to the lives of melanoma patients. With presentations from oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, dermatologists and laboratory researchers, the conference will focus on the multidisciplinary management of melanoma.

Now that we have a number of therapies for treating advanced melanoma, research is focussing on how to improve patient response and understanding why some tumours develop resistance. Keynote speaker Associate Professor Jennifer Wargo from Harvard and MD Anderson Cancer Center will discuss her research on how the genes of gut flora – known as the microbiome – play a role in determining how well a patient responds to treatment.

“There is emerging evidence regarding the role of the microbiome in response to melanoma therapy, and it is quite likely that we will modify the microbiome to enhance responses to therapy in the upcoming months and years,” says A/Prof Wargo. “I am looking forward to meeting with my global colleagues in melanoma therapy to understand recent advances and to work as a team to strategically plan next steps in advancing the field.”

Advances in diagnosing melanoma, melanoma in children, preventing melanoma and surgical advances are just some of the other areas of research that will be presented at the conference.