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Confocal microscopy, dermoscopy, and histopathology features of atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferations associated with evolution to melanoma in situ

05 Aug 2021

Rocha LKFL, Vilain RE, Scolyer RA, Lo SN, Drummond M, Star P, Fogarty GB, Hong AM, Guitera P. Int J Dermatol. (Epub 5 Aug 2021)

Correction to: Histological regression in melanoma: impact on sentinel lymph node status and survival

04 Aug 2021

Aivazian K, Ahmed T, El Sharouni MA, Stretch JR, Saw RPM, Spillane AJ, Shannon KF, Ch'ng S, Nieweg OE, Thompson JF, Lo SN, Scolyer RA. Mod Pathol. (Epub 4 Aug 2021)

Survival Outcomes of Salvage Metastasectomy After Failure of Modern-Era Systemic Therapy for Melanoma

04 Aug 2021

Li AT, Vakharia K, Lo SN, Varey AHR, Carlino MS, Saw RPM, Shannon KF, Howle JR, Pennington TE, Stretch JR, Nieweg OE, Spillane AJ, Long GV, Menzies AM, Scolyer RA, Thompson JF, Ch'ng S. Ann Surg Oncol. (Epub 4 Aug 2021)

Surveillance of patients with thin melanoma

22 Jul 2021

Ribero S, Cust AE. Australas J Dermatol. (Epub 22 July 2021)

Contemporary management of locoregionally advanced melanoma in Australia and New Zealand and the role of adjuvant systemic therapy

20 Jul 2021

Smithers BM, Saw RPM, Gyorki DE, Martin RCW, Atkinson V, Haydon A, Roberts-Thomson R, Thompson JF. ANZ J Surg. (Epub 20 July 2021)

Deep Learning for Basal Cell Carcinoma Detection for Reflectance Confocal Microscopy

12 Jul 2021

Campanella G, Navarrete-Dechent C, Liopyris K, Monnier J, Aleissa S, Minas B, Scope A, Longo C, Guitera P, Pellacani G, Kose K, Halpern AC, Fuchs TJ, Jain M. J Invest Dermatol. (Epub 12 July 2021)

Histological regression in melanoma: impact on sentinel lymph node status and survival

10 Jul 2021

Aivazian K, Ahmed T, El Sharouni MA, Stretch JR, Saw RPM, Spillane AJ, Shannon KF, Ch'ng S, Nieweg OE, Thompson JF, Lo SN, Scolyer RA. Mod Pathol. (Epub 10 July 2021)

Knowledge, views and expectations for cancer polygenic risk testing in clinical practice: a cross-sectional survey of health professionals

03 Jul 2021

Smit AK, Sharman AR, Espinoza D, Wallingford C, Young MA, Dunlop K, Tiller J, Newson AJ, Meiser B, Cust AE, Yanes T. Clin Genet. (Epub 3 July 2021)

Pyrexia in patients treated with dabrafenib plus trametinib across clinical trials in BRAF-mutant cancers

02 Jul 2021

Schadendorf D, Robert C, Dummer R, Flaherty KT, Tawbi HA, Menzies AM, Banerjee H, Lau M, Long GV. Eur J Cancer. (Epub 2 July 2021)

Standard-Dose Pembrolizumab Plus Alternate-Dose Ipilimumab in Advanced Melanoma: KEYNOTE-029 Cohort 1C, a Phase 2 Randomized Study of Two Dosing Schedules

01 Jul 2021

Long GV, Robert C, Butler MO, Couture F, Carlino MS, O'Day S, Atkinson V, Cebon JS, Brown MP, Dalle S, Hill AG, Gibney GT, McCune S, Menzies AM, Niu C, Ibrahim N, Homet Moreno B, Diab A. Clin Cancer Res. (Epub 1 July 2021)

A multicentre study of naevus-associated melanoma vs. de novo melanoma, tumour thickness and body site differences

01 Jul 2021

Dessinioti C, Geller AC, Stergiopoulou A, Dimou N, Lo S, Keim U, Gershenwald JE, Haydu LE, Dummer R, Mangana J, Hauschild A, Egberts F, Vieira R, Brinca A, Zalaudek I, Deinlein T, Evangelou E, Thompson JF, Scolyer RA, Peris K, Garbe C, Stratigos AJ. Br J Dermatol. 2021 Jul;185(1):101-109.

Melanoma In Situ: A Critical Review and Re-Evaluation of Current Excision Margin Recommendations

01 Jul 2021

Friedman EB, Scolyer RA, Williams GJ, Thompson JF. Adv Ther. 2021 Jul;38(7):3506-3530.

Re-induction ipilimumab following acquired resistance to combination ipilimumab and anti-PD-1 therapy

28 Jun 2021

Hepner A, Atkinson VG, Larkin J, Burrell RA, Carlino MS, Johnson DB, Zimmer L, Tsai KK, Klein O, Lo SN, Haydon A, Bhave P, Lyle M, Pallan L, Pires da Silva I, Gerard C, Michielin O, Long GV, Menzies AM.  Eur J Cancer. 2021 Jun 28;153:213-222.

Clinical and Molecular Heterogeneity in Patients with Innate Resistance to Anti-PD-1 +/- Anti-CTLA-4 Immunotherapy in Metastatic Melanoma Reveals Distinct Therapeutic Targets

25 Jun 2021

Gide TN, Pires da Silva I, Quek C, Ferguson PM, Batten M, Shang P, Ahmed T, Menzies AM, Carlino MS, Saw RPM, Thompson JF, Scolyer RA, Long GV, Wilmott JS. Cancers (Basel). 2021 Jun 25;13(13):3186

Risk of radiation necrosis after stereotactic radiosurgery for melanoma brain metastasis by anatomical location

19 Jun 2021

Choi S, Hong A, Wang T, Lo S, Chen B, Silva I, Kapoor R, Hsiao E, Fogarty GB, Carlino MS, Menzies AM, Long GV, Shivalingam BS. Strahlenther Onkol. (Epub 19 June 2021)

Lysine Demethylases: Promising Drug Targets in Melanoma and Other Cancers

16 Jun 2021

Punnia-Moorthy G, Hersey P, Emran AA, Tiffen J. Front Genet. 2021 Jun 16;12:680633.

Bilateral facial neuritis associated with dabrafenib and trametinib after failure of neoadjuvant immunotherapy for stage III melanoma

14 Jun 2021

Li AT, Maw AM, Hsiao E, Ch'ng S, Long GV, Shannon KF, Morrison EJ. ANZ J Surg. (Epub 14 June 2021) 

Re-defining the role of surgery in the management of patients with oligometastatic stage IV melanoma in the era of effective systemic therapies

11 Jun 2021

Ch'ng S, Uyulmaz S, Carlino MS, Pennington TE, Shannon KF, Rtshiladze M, Stretch JR, Nieweg OE, Varey AHR, Hsiao E, Kapoor R, Pires da Silva I, Lo SN, Spillane AJ, Scolyer RA, Long GV, Hong AM, Saw RPM, Thompson JF, Menzies AM. Eur J Cancer. (Epub 11 June 2021) 

PDCD1 Polymorphisms May Predict Response to Anti-PD-1 Blockade in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma

09 Jun 2021

Parakh S, Musafer A, Paessler S, Witkowski T, Suen CSNLW, Tutuka CSA, Carlino MS, Menzies AM, Scolyer RA, Cebon J, Dobrovic A, Long GV, Klein O, Behren A. Front Immunol. 2021 Jun 9;12:672521.

Role of Tumor-Infiltrating B Cells in Clinical Outcome of Patients with Melanoma Treated With Dabrafenib Plus Trametinib

09 Jun 2021

Brase JC, Walter RFH, Savchenko A, Gusenleitner D, Garrett J, Schimming TT, Váraljai R, Castelletti D, Kim JY, Dakappagari NK, Schultz K, Robert C, Long GV, Nathan PD, Ribas A, Flaherty KT, Karaszewska B, Schachter J, Sucker A, Schmid KW, Zimmer L, Livingstone E, Gasal E, Schadendorf D, Roesch A. Clin Cancer Res. (Epub 9 June 2021) 

PDCD1 Polymorphisms May Predict Response to Anti-PD-1 Blockade in Patients With Metastatic Melanoma

09 Jun 2021

Parakh S, Musafer A, Paessler S, Witkowski T, Suen CSNLW, Tutuka CSA, Carlino MS, Menzies AM, Scolyer RA, Cebon J, Dobrovic A, Long GV, Klein O, Behren A. Front Immunol. 2021 Jun 9;12:672521.

Evolutionary predictability of genetic versus nongenetic resistance to anticancer drugs in melanoma

07 Jun 2021

Marin-Bejar O, Rogiers A, Dewaele M, Femel J, Karras P, Pozniak J, Bervoets G, Van Raemdonck N, Pedri D, Swings T, Demeulemeester J, Borght SV, Lehnert S, Bosisio F, van den Oord JJ, Bempt IV, Lambrechts D, Voet T, Bechter O, Rizos H, Levesque MP, Leucci E, Lund AW, Rambow F, Marine JC. Cancer Cell. (Epub 7 June 2021)

Identifying the 'Active Ingredients' of an Effective Psychological Intervention to Reduce Fear of Cancer Recurrence: A Process Evaluation

07 Jun 2021

Kan JM, Dieng M, Butow PN, Mireskandari S, Tesson S, Menzies SW, Costa DSJ, Morton RL, Mann GJ, Cust AE, Kasparian NA. Front Psychol. (Epub 7 June 2021)

Neoadjuvant Immunotherapy in Melanoma – The New Frontier

03 Jun 2021

Menzies AM, Scolyer RA, Long GV. Clin Cancer Res. (Epub 3 Jun 2021)

Melanoma with osseous or chondroid differentiation: a report of eight cases including SATB2 expression and mutation analysis

02 Jun 2021

Gallagher SJ, Bailey T, Rawson RV, Mahar AM, Thompson JF, Long GV, Wilmott JS, Scolyer RA. Pathology. (Epub 2 June 2021) 

Clinical and Molecular Heterogeneity in Patients with Innate Resistance to Anti-PD-1 +/- Anti-CTLA-4 Immunotherapy in Metastatic Melanoma Reveals Distinct Therapeutic Targets - Copy

02 Jun 2021

Cree IA, Tan PH, Travis WD, Wesseling P, Yagi Y, White VA, Lokuhetty D, Scolyer RA. Mod Pathol. (Epub 2 June 2021) 

Evaluation of Crizotinib Treatment in a Patient With Unresectable GOPC-ROS1 Fusion Agminated Spitz Nevi

02 Jun 2021

Robertson SJ, Orme L, Teixeira R, Shamassi M, Newell F, Patch AM, Yeh I, Gard G, Wilmott J, Jackett L, LeBoit P, Fellowes A, MacArthur G, Fox S, Hayward NK, Bastian B, Scolyer R, Waddell N, Penington A, Shackleton M. JAMA Dermatol. (Epub 2 June 2021)

Validation of the American Joint Committee on Cancer Staging in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Vermilion Lip

01 Jun 2021

Yung AE, Que MS, Lo S, Aggarwal S, Hong AM, Tin MM, Clark JR, Gupta R, Ch'ng S. Ann Surg Oncol. 2021 Jun;28(6):3092-3099.

Current Challenges in Access to Melanoma Care: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

01 Jun 2021

Khushalani NI, Truong TG, Thompson JF. Am Soc Clin Oncol Educ Book. 2021 Jun;41:e295-e303.

Risk factors for melanoma by anatomical site: an evaluation of aetiological heterogeneity

01 Jun 2021

Laskar R, Ferreiro-Iglesias A, Bishop DT, Iles MM, Kanetsky PA, Armstrong BK, Law MH, Goldstein AM, Aitken JF, Giles GG; Australian Melanoma Family Study Investigators; Leeds Case-Control Study Investigators, Robbins HA, Cust AE. Br J Dermatol. 2021 Jun;184(6):1085-1093.

Immunotherapy in advanced Merkel cell carcinoma: Sydney west cancer network experience

30 May 2021

Hasmat S, Howle JR, Karikios DJ, Carlino MS, Veness MJ. J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol. (Epub 30 May 2021)

Melanoma In Situ: A Critical Review and Re-Evaluation of Current Excision Margin Recommendations

28 May 2021

Friedman EB, Scolyer RA, Williams GJ, Thompson JF. Adv Ther. (Epub 28 May 2021).

Predicting recurrence in patients with sentinel node-negative melanoma: validation of the EORTC nomogram using population-based data

27 May 2021

El Sharouni MA, Ahmed T, Witkamp AJ, Sigurdsson V, van Gils CH, Nieweg OE, Scolyer RA, Thompson JF, van Diest PJ, Lo SN. Br J Surg. 2021 May 27;108(5):550-553.

Melanoma Cell State-Specific Responses to TNFα

26 May 2021

Lim SY, Alavi S, Ming Z, Shklovskaya E, Fung C, Stewart A, Rizos H. Biomedicines. (Epub 26 May 2021)

Ipilimumab alone or ipilimumab plus anti-PD-1 therapy in patients with metastatic melanoma resistant to anti-PD-(L)1 monotherapy: a multicentre, retrospective, cohort study

11 May 2021

Pires da Silva I, Ahmed T, Reijers ILM, Weppler AM, Betof Warner A, Patrinely JR, Serra-Bellver P, Allayous C, Mangana J, Nguyen K, Zimmer L, Trojaniello C, Stout D, Lyle M, Klein O, Gerard CL, Michielin O, Haydon A, Ascierto PA, Carlino MS, Lebbe C, Lorigan P, Johnson DB, Sandhu S, Lo SN, Blank CU, Menzies AM, Long GV. Lancet Oncol. (Epub 11 May 2021)

Acceptability of risk-stratified population screening across cancer types: Qualitative interviews with the Australian public

11 May 2021

Dunlop K, Rankin NM, Smit AK, Salgado Z, Newson AJ, Keogh L, Cust AE. Health Expect. (Epub 11 May 2021) 

Cryopreservation of human cancers conserves tumour heterogeneity for single-cell multi-omics analysis

10 May 2021

Wu SZ, Roden DL, Al-Eryani G, Bartonicek N, Harvey K, Cazet AS, Chan CL, Junankar S, Hui MN, Millar EA, Beretov J, Horvath L, Joshua AM, Stricker P, Wilmott JS, Quek C, Long GV, Scolyer RA, Yeung BZ, Segara D, Mak C, Warrier S, Powell JE, O'Toole S, Lim E, Swarbrick A. Genome Med. 2021 May 10;13(1):81.

Flat scalp melanoma dermoscopic and reflectance confocal microscopy features correspond to histopathologic type and lesion location

07 May 2021

Garbarino F, Pampena R, Lai M, Pereira AR, Piana S, Cesinaro AM, Cinotti E, Fiorani D, Ciardo S, Farnetani F, Chester J, Pellacani G, Guitera P, Longo C. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. (Epub 7 May 2021)

The role of local therapy in the treatment of solitary melanoma progression on immune checkpoint inhibition: A multicentre retrospective analysis

07 May 2021

Versluis JM, Hendriks AM, Weppler AM, Brown LJ, de Joode K, Suijkerbuijk KPM, Zimmer L, Kapiteijn EW, Allayous C, Johnson DB, Hepner A, Mangana J, Bhave P, Jansen YJL, Trojaniello C, Atkinson V, Storey L, Lorigan P, Ascierto PA, Neyns B, Haydon A, Menzies AM, Long GV, Lebbe C, van der Veldt AAM, Carlino MS, Sandhu S, van Tinteren H, de Vries EGE, Blank CU, Jalving M. Eur J Cancer. 2021 May 7;151:72-83.

Lentigo maligna: defining margins and predictors of recurrence utilising clinical, dermoscopic, confocal microscopy and histopathology features

07 May 2021

Star P, Rawson RV, Drummond M, Lo S, Scolyer RA, Guitera P. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. (Epub 7 May 2021)

Can patient-led surveillance detect subsequent new primary or recurrent melanomas and reduce the need for routinely scheduled follow-up? A protocol for the MEL-SELF randomised controlled trial

04 May 2021

Ackermann DM, Smit AK, Janda M, van Kemenade CH, Dieng M, Morton RL, Turner RM, Cust AE, Irwig L, Hersch JK, Guitera P, Soyer HP, Mar V, Saw RPM, Low D, Low C, Drabarek D, Espinoza D, Emery J, Murchie P, Thompson JF, Scolyer RA, Azzi A, Lilleyman A, Bell KJL. Trials. 2021 May 4;22(1):324.

The deacylase SIRT5 supports melanoma viability by influencing chromatin dynamics

04 May 2021

Giblin W, Bringman-Rodenbarger L, Guo AH, Kumar S, Monovich AC, Mostafa AM, Skinner ME, Azar M, Mady AS, Chung CH, Kadambi N, Melong KA, Lee HJ, Zhang L, Sajjakulnukit P, Trefely S, Varner EL, Iyer S, Wang M, Wilmott JS, Soyer HP, Sturm RA, Pritchard AL, Andea AA, Scolyer RA, Stark MS, Scott DA, Fullen DR, Bosenberg MW, Chandrasekaran S, Nikolovska-Coleska Z, Verhaegen ME, Snyder NW, Rivera MN, Osterman A, Lyssiotis CA, Lombard DB. J Clin Invest. (Epub 4 May 2021)

An independent external validation of melanoma risk prediction models using the Australian Melanoma Family Study

01 May 2021

Vuong K, Armstrong BK, Espinoza D, Hopper JL, Aitken JF, Giles GG, Schmid H, Mann GJ, Cust AE, McGeechan K. Br J Dermatol. 2021 May;184(5):957-960.

Mucosal Melanoma: A Review Emphasizing the Molecular Landscape and Implications for Diagnosis and Management

28 Apr 2021

Rawson RV, Wilmott JS, Scolyer RA. Surg Pathol Clin. (Epub 28 April 2021).

Diagnostic tools used for melanoma: A survey of Australian general practitioners and dermatologists

16 Apr 2021

Nguyen J, Ting S, Paul E, Smith AL, Watts CG, Kelly J, Cust AE, Mar V. Australas J Dermatol. (Epub 16 Apr 2021)

Not all melanomas are created equal: A review and call for more research into nodular melanoma

16 Apr 2021

Dessinioti C, Geller AC, Whiteman DC, Garbe C, Grob JJ, Kelly JW, Scolyer RA, Rawson RV, Lallas A, Pellacani G, Stratigos AJ. Br J Dermatol.(Epub 16 Apr 2021)

Genomic Risk Score for Melanoma in a Prospective Study of Older Individuals

10 Apr 2021

Bakshi A, Yan M, Riaz M, Polekhina G, Orchard SG, Tiller J, Wolfe R, Joshi A, Cao Y, McInerney-Leo AM, Yanes T, Janda M, Soyer HP, Cust AE, Law MH, Gibbs P, McLean C, Chan AT, McNeil JJ, Mar VJ, Lacaze P. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2021 Apr 10:djab076

Circulating Tumor DNA Reflects Uveal Melanoma Responses to Protein Kinase C Inhibit

06 Apr 2021

Park JJ, Diefenbach RJ, Byrne N, Long GV, Scolyer RA, Gray ES, Carlino MS, Rizos H.

Cancers (Basel). (Epub 6 Apr 2021)

Immune-Checkpoint Inhibitors for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Synopsis of Response Rates

05 Apr 2021

Shek D, Read SA, Nagrial A, Carlino MS, Gao B, George J, Ahlenstiel G. Oncologist.  (Epub 5 Apr 2021)

Active surveillance of patients who have sentinel node positive melanoma: An international, multi-institution evaluation of adoption and early outcomes after the Multicenter Selective Lymphadenectomy trial II (MSLT-2)

01 Apr 2021

Broman KK, Hughes T, Dossett L, Sun J, Kirichenko D, Carr MJ, Sharma A, Bartlett EK, Nijhuis AAG, Thompson JF, Hieken TJ, Kottschade L, Downs J, Gyorki DE, Stahlie E, van Akkooi A, Ollila DW, Frank J, Song Y, Karakousis G, Moncrieff M, Nobes J, Vetto J, Han D, Farma JM, Deneve JL, Fleming MD, Perez MC, Lowe MC, Olofsson Bagge R, Mattsson J, Lee AY, Berman RS, Chai H, Kroon HM, Teras J, Teras RM, Farrow NE, Beasley G, Hui JYC, Been L, Kruijff S, Kim Y, Naqvi SMH, Sarnaik AA, Sondak VK, Zager JS. Cancer. (Epub 1 Apr 2021)

The efficacy of immunotherapy for in-transit metastases of melanoma: an analysis of randomized controlled trials

01 Apr 2021

Olofsson Bagge R, Ny L, Ascierto PA, Hodi FS, Larkin J, Robert C, Schachter J, Weber JS, Long GV, van Akkooi ACJ. Melanoma Res. (Epub 1 April 2021)

Preoperative Ultrasound Assessment of Regional Lymph Nodes in Melanoma Patients Does not Provide Reliable Nodal Staging: Results From a Large Multicentre Trial

01 Apr 2021

Thompson JF, Haydu LE, Uren RF, Andtbacka RH, Zager JS, Beitsch PD, Agnese DM, Mozzillo N, Testori A, Bowles TL, Hoekstra HJ, Kelley MC, Sussman J, Schneebaum S, Smithers BM, McKinnon G, Hsueh E, Jacobs L, Schultz E, Reintgen D, Kane JM, Friedman EB, Wang H, Van Kreuningen L, Schiller V, Elashoff DA, Elashoff R, Cochran AJ, Stern S, Faries MB; MSLT-II Trial Group. Ann Surg. (Epub 1 April 2021)

A combination of epigenetic BET and CDK9 inhibitors for treatment of human melanoma

26 Mar 2021

Al Emran A, Tseng HY, Gunatilake D, Cook SJ, Ahmed F, Wang S, Hersey P, Gallagher SJ, Tiffen JC. J Invest Dermatol. (Epub 26 March 2021)

Should I Have Adjuvant Immunotherapy? An Interview Study Among Adults with Resected Stage 3 Melanoma and Their Partners

24 Mar 2021

Livingstone A, Milne D, Dempsey K, Muscat DM, Menzies AM, Howard K, Stockler MR, Morton RL. Patient. (Epub 24 March 2021)

Immunotherapy use outside clinical trial populations: never say never?

23 Mar 2021

Rzeniewicz K, Larkin J, Menzies AM, Turajlic S. Ann Oncol. (Epub 23 March 2021)

Novel adjuvant options for cutaneous melanoma

23 Mar 2021

Dimitriou F, Long GV, Menzies AM. Ann Oncol. (Epub 23 March 2021)

Oral Manifestations in Melanoma Patients Treated with Target or Immunomodulatory Therapies

19 Mar 2021

Dika E, Lambertini M, Gouveia B, Mussi M, Marcelli E, Campione E, Gurioli C, Melotti B, Alessandrini A, Ribero S. J Clin Med. 2021 Mar 19;10(6):1283. 

Treatment of in-transit melanoma metastases using intralesional PV-10

18 Mar 2021

Thompson JF, Saw RPM, Dalton JM, Stretch JR, Spillane AJ, Osborne NS, Williams GJ, Lo SN. Melanoma Res. (Epub 18 March 2021)

Recent advancements in melanoma management

18 Mar 2021

Krishnan T, Menzies AM, Roberts-Thomson R. Intern Med J. (Epub 18 March 2021)

Targeting NK Cells to Enhance Melanoma Response to Immunotherapies

17 Mar 2021

Lee H, Da Silva IP, Palendira U, Scolyer RA, Long GV, Wilmott JS. Cancers (Basel). 2021 Mar 17;13(6):1363.

Pathological response and tumour bed histopathological features correlate with survival following neoadjuvant immunotherapy in stage III melanoma

17 Mar 2021

Rawson RV, Adhikari C, Bierman C, Lo S, Shklovskaya E, Rozeman EA, Menzies AM, van Akkooi ACJ, Shannon KF, Gonzalez M M, Guminski AD, Tetzlaff MT, Stretch JR, Eriksson H, van Thienen JV, Wouters MW, Haanen JBAG, Klop WMC, Zuur CL, van Houdt WJ, Nieweg OE, Ch'ng S, Rizos H, Saw RPM, Spillane AJ, Wilmott JS, Blank CU, Long GV, van de Wiel BA, Scolyer RA. Ann Oncol. (Epub 17 March 2021)

Longitudinal melanonychia striata mimicking a melanoma during pregnancy

17 Mar 2021

Martin A, Ribero S, Martin LK, Guitera P. Australas J Dermatol. (Epub 17 March 2021)

Feasibility of modifying the hospital environment to reduce the length of amnesia after traumatic brain injury: a pilot randomized controlled trial

16 Mar 2021

Lannin NA, Galea C, Coulter M, Gruen R, Jolliffe L, Ownsworth T, Schmidt J, Unsworth C. Int J Qual Health Care. (Epub 16 March 2021)

Outcome of melanoma patients with elevated LDH treated with first-line targeted therapy or PD-1-based immune checkpoint inhibition

15 Mar 2021

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Neoadjuvant ipilimumab plus nivolumab in synchronous clinical stage III melanoma

15 Mar 2021

Versluis JM, Reijers ILM, Rozeman EA, Menzies AM, van Akkooi ACJ, Wouters MW, Ch'ng S, Saw RPM, Scolyer RA, van de Wiel BA, Schilling B, Long GV, Blank CU. Eur J Cancer. (Epub 15 March 2021)

Organ transplantation and outcomes in patients with a past history of melanoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis

15 Mar 2021

Williams GJ, Webster AC, Thompson JF. Clin Transplant. (Epub 15 March 2021)

Validated specialty-specific models for multi-disciplinary microsurgery training laboratories: a systematic review

15 Mar 2021

Crouch G, Wong G, Hong J, Varey A, Haddad R, Wang ZZ, Wykes J, Koutalistras N, Clark JR, Solomon M, Bannon P, McBride KE, Ch'ng S. ANZ J Surg. (Epub 15 March 2021)

γδ T cells in Merkel cell carcinomas have a proinflammatory profile prognostic of patient survival

05 Mar 2021

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To be mortal is human: professional consensus around the need for more psychology in palliative care

04 Mar 2021

Sansom-Daly UM, Lobb EA, Evans HE, Breen LJ, Ugalde A, Best M, Zomerdijk N, Beasley EA, Taylor KL, Clayton J, Sharpe L, Bartula I, Olver I; PoCoG End of Life Care Special Interest Group. BMJ Support Palliat Care. (Epub 4 Mar 2021)

Evolution of late-stage metastatic melanoma is dominated by aneuploidy and whole genome doubling.

04 Mar 2021

Vergara IA, Mintoff CP, Sandhu S, McIntosh L, Young RJ, Wong SQ, Colebatch A, Cameron DL, Kwon JL, Wolfe R, Peng A, Ellul J, Dou X, Fedele C, Boyle S, Arnau GM, Raleigh J, Hatzimihalis A, Szeto P, Mooi J, Widmer DS, Cheng PF, Amann V, Dummer R, Hayward N, Wilmott J, Scolyer RA, Cho RJ, Bowtell D, Thorne H, Alsop K, Cordner S, Woodford N, Leditschke J, O'Brien P, Dawson SJ, McArthur GA, Mann GJ, Levesque MP, Papenfuss AT, Shackleton M. Nat Commun. (Epub 4 Mar 2021)

Predicting sentinel node positivity in melanoma patients: external validation of a risk-prediction calculator (the MIA nomogram) using a large European population-based patient cohort

03 Mar 2021

El Sharouni MA, Varey AHR, Witkamp AJ, Ahmed T, Sigurdsson V, van Diest PJ, Scolyer RA, Thompson JF, Lo SN, van Gils CH. Br J Dermatol. (Epub 3 March 2021)

Surgical excision margins in primary cutaneous melanoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis

03 Mar 2021

Hanna S, Lo SN, Saw RP. Eur J Surg Oncol. (Epub 3 March 2021)

Efficiency of Detecting New Primary Melanoma Among Individuals Treated in a High-risk Clinic for Skin Surveillance.

01 Mar 2021

Guitera P, Menzies SW, Coates E, Azzi A, Fernandez-Penas P, Lilleyman A, Badcock C, Schmid H, Watts CG, Collgros H, Liu R, van Kemenade C, Mann GJ, Cust AE. JAMA Dermatol. (Epub 1 March 2021)


Technological (R)Evolution Leads to Detection of More Sentinel Nodes in Patients with Melanoma in the Head and Neck Region

26 Feb 2021

Berger D, van den Berg N, van der Noort V, van der Hiel B, Valdés Olmos RA, Buckle TA, KleinJan G, Brouwer OR, Vermeeren L, Karakullukçu B, van den Brekel M, van der Wiel B, Nieweg OE, Balm A, van Leeuwen FE, Klop M. J Nucl Med. (Epub Feb 26 2021)

Estimating the potential impact of interventions to reduce over-calling and under-calling of melanoma

25 Feb 2021

Gibson M, Scolyer RA, Soyer HP, Ferguson P, McGeechan K, Irwig L, Bell K.

J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol. (Epub 25 Feb 2021)

Tumour gene expression signature in primary melanoma predicts long-term outcomes

18 Feb 2021

Garg M, Couturier DL, Nsengimana J, Fonseca NA, Wongchenko M, Yan Y, Lauss M, Jönsson GB, Newton-Bishop J, Parkinson C, Middleton MR, Bishop DT, McDonald S, Stefanos N, Tadross J, Vergara IA, Lo S, Newell F, Wilmott JS, Thompson JF, Long GV, Scolyer RA, Corrie P, Adams DJ, Brazma A, Rabbie R. Nat Commun. 2021 Feb 18;12(1):1137

Development and Validation of Nomograms to Predict Local, Regional, and Distant Recurrence in Patients With Thin (T1) Melanomas

18 Feb 2021

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