Biospecimen Bank

Biospecimen Bank

 The MIA Biospecimen Bank takes our research capacity to another level. It is the largest collection of melanoma tissue samples in the world, donated by 10,000 patients so far and growing daily. These samples add enormous value to the clinical story of our patients and drive our discovery and translational research.

Personalised diagnosis and treatment of melanoma would mean that we know what to test for and what treatment to give in each case, and it is the research conducted on these tissue and blood samples that gives us these insights. The fact that our collections extend back into the past, so that outcomes are known, makes them all the more valuable.

For example, the Biospecimen Bank inspired the Institute to launch the Australian Melanoma Genome Project, which is mapping the entire genome of 500 melanomas. This internationally ground-breaking project could simply not have taken place without the MRD and the Biospecimen Bank.

Patients contribute their tissues as a free choice and researchers do not receive identifying information. The MIA Biospecimen Bank is largely supported by donations to MIA.

To learn more about the Biospecimen Bank download a detailed information brochure (PDF).