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Your donation can help
save a life this year

Despite us having one of the most relaxed lifestyles in the world, exposure to the sun is affects thousands of us each year.

Australians have the highest incidence rate of melanomas in the world - you won’t have to look far to find someone you know that’s been touched by melanoma.

Unfortunately, despite people being more careful about sun protection and limiting their exposure, many won’t know they’re dangerously at risk of terminal cancer until it’s too late.

Melanomas are deadly because they quickly spread deadly cancer cells to other parts of the body that make treatment almost impossible. But your donation today can help fund vital research into a cure.

We’ve helped thousands of
people find hope

We've made significant progress over the last few years, but still one Australian dies from
melanoma every five hours. We need your help today to fund the next advances in life
saving research, trials, and treatment that we know will not only save lives but help families
of patients hold on to their loved ones.

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David & Jenny's Story

Just like most of us, David and Jenny thought that their love story would last forever.

David was just 33 years old when he lost his fight with melanoma. He was a 'super progressor' and passed away only months after being diagnosed.

Here is their story.

A gift of $25 will fund an hour of pioneering research in where a researcher could make a major discovery or breakthrough

A donation of $50 will enable collection and processing of a blood or tissue sample to advance research and treatments for melanoma patients that are quickly running out of options

A  gift  of  $100  could  help  educate  schools,  companies  and  community  groups  about  sun-safety  to  prevent  melanoma

A gift of $250 will fund DNA gene sequencing of the Exome or RNA (“active genes”) from one patient helping us discover which genes are involved in ‘super progression’

Larger amounts will enable DNA sequencing of the whole genome or help top-up a PhD student Scholarship — enabling a future melanoma specialist to work on this vital project.

Here’s what your
tax-deductible donation can do

Melanoma destroys families every year, but with your help, we will save lives. Your donation goes a long way towards a future free from melanoma.

When you donate, you’ll not only save on tax this year, but also help save lives by funding world leading research to find a cure.

Whatever amount you can donate, will make a key difference to the fight. Please click on the button below and make a donation today.

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Meet our Medical

Two of the world's best minds in melanoma oversee the academic and clinical leadership of Melanoma Institute Australia. Professor Georgina Long and Professor Richard Scolyer are the Conjoint Medical Directors of MIA, and are changing the face of melanoma diagnosis and treatment in Australia and around the world.

Why donate to the Melanoma Institute?

because we’re #1 in Melanoma reseach

Melanoma Institute Australia is the world's largest research and treatment institute with a single focus on melanoma.

The problem we’re dealing with is truly enormous, and your donation is critical to continue our work to save Australian lives and give hope to their families.

Whether you donate $20 or $20,000, it’s all 100% tax deductible.

Helping others never felt so good.

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Here’s just some of the people whose
lives have been changed by us

”I am so lucky to have a high level health service at MIA and the support of doctors and nurses who are giving me a good quality of life that keeps me smiling.”

Ruth Davies,
Melanoma Survivor

"My heroes don't wear capes, they're not out there on the pitch playing sport and often don't get the recognition they deserve. My heroes are MIA's doctors, nurses and researchers who are devoting their lives to treating and curing melanoma."

Grant Lawrence,
Melanoma Survivor

“I felt like I could never repay all that the Institute did for Nat. The effort that everyone put in to looking after her and the genuine care that they showed was critically important to us both.”

Paul Watts, MIA

Help fund our vital research today

and save on your tax tomorrow

We desperately need your help to save more lives this year. Donate now and get a
100% tax deduction for every dollar you donate.

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