AMC2021 Melanoma Patient and Carer Forum Videos

As part of the Australasian Melanoma Conference (AMC2021) the program included a Melanoma Patient and Carer Forum. 

Co-chaired by Matthew Browne, CEO of MIA, and Victoria Beedle, CEO of Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA), the Forum included five presentations which covered both the medical and psycho-social elements of the melanoma journey.

If you were not able to attend, or would like to watch again, we are pleased to share these five  recordings with you.

1. Melanoma Early Detection and Surgical Intervention - Prof Mark Smithers AM (Queensland Melanoma Project, Princess Alexandra Hospital


2. Updates in Treatment for Advanced Melanoma - Prof Georgina Long AO (Melanoma Institute Australia) 


3. A Personal Experience - Anne Gately (Patient)


4. Coping with Anxiety and Fear of Recurrence - Dr Iris Bartula ((Melanoma Institute Australia) 


5. The Importance of Supportive Care for People with Melanoma - Nurse Brooke Kelly (Melanoma Patients Australia)