Patient Information

A melanoma diagnosis can be a confusing and traumatic time for patients. That’s why we have information available for patients and their families to support them on their melanoma journey. 

Patient Information Books

Information books have been designed by Melanoma Institute Australia to support patients who have been recently diagnosed with melanoma.

These books will help you to:

  •  Answer questions you have when first diagnosed
  • Understand melanoma diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care
  • Know where to go for further information and resources

There are three different books based on stage of disease:

  • Early Melanoma (Stage 0-II)
  • Stage III Melanoma 
  • Stage IV Melanoma 

These books are currently only available for download from the links above.

We'll let you know (on this website and social media) when printed copies can be ordered again. 

Clinical Nurse Consultant

Being given a diagnosis of stage 4 melanoma is a difficult time for patients and their families. Having someone to provide ongoing advice, support and care on the journey is invaluable and helps bridge the gap between patient and doctor.

Anna Hoadley, one of our Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNC), provides this link and walks the journey with patients from their first diagnosis. When not in the clinic Anna is on the phone to patients talking about treatment options, dealing with side-effects, co-ordinating tests and scans, speaking to family members, organising referrals, triaging new patient referrals, and much more!

“It’s important to take as much stress away from patients as you can given the traumatic situation they are dealing with. Having someone at the end of the phone to just ask whether something is normal or not is an amazing opportunity. Without it, there would be a lot more of an emotional and physical struggle for patients.”

Anna Hoadley, Clinical Nurse Consultant

The Clinical Nurse Consultant role is a service that MIA is proud to offer to our patients to help support them on their melanoma journey.

Patient Information Brochures

These patient information brochures offer a detailed look at exercises following surgical procedures, common melanoma diagnostic tools and treatments, and our research resources that you may like to contribute to during your treatment. Click a link below to download a PDF.