Aaron takes on The Longest Melanoma March

Aaron takes on The Longest Melanoma March

16 February 2017

“You have cancer.”

Just over four years ago, these three words from my doctor hit me for six. I had just turned 30. I was healthy and an active father of three – so how could I have cancer? It’s a question thousands of people ask themselves every day. I was diagnosed with metastatic malignant melanoma and at the time I thought I’d just do what the doctor said to do and get on with normal life. Melanoma kills more young Australians (20-39 year olds) than any other single cancer. After countless scans, tests, surgeries and cancer treatment away from my loved ones in Brisbane, how wrong and naïve I was?

I now understand that with my type of cancer it can strike back at any time. While melanoma is deadly, research is making a difference. And that’s why I taking part in The Longest Melanoma March in just a few weeks time. The Longest Melanoma March is a 29 day walk starting in Brisbane on March 5 and finishing in Sydney on April 2. Each leg (two per day), three people will walk to raise funds and awareness to find for a cure. Donations are sent directly to Melanoma Institute Australia and every little bit helps.

For those friends and family in CQ who have seen me walking or jogging in this ridiculous heat lately, this is why. All up, I’ll be walking nearly 70km in The Longest Melanoma March from Broadwater to Maclean. Those three legs will be tough going but I’ll get through by knowing I’m doing it for everyone affected by this insidious disease. I’ll also be walking for you – my family and friends. You are my inspiration. But most importantly, I’ll be smashing this walk for me. Yes, to show melanoma cancer that it can’t beat me. It’s been a battle – physically and mentally – since that doctor’s appointment four years ago and I have the scars to prove it. But scars are a sign of strength.

So if you see me walking or jogging in the next few weeks, give me a beep. Better still, stop your car and walk a few kilometres with me. Together we can make a difference and hit cancer for six!

Aaron was featured on ABC Capricornia Breakfast Program talking about his experience with melanoma and why he's taking on The Longest Melanoma March.

You can check it out it here : http://my.tvey.es/Gr84K

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