Danny's inspiring story of survival

Danny's inspiring story of survival

26 May 2020

Danny Strosberg started to feel something was wrong when he noticed constant dizziness, daily headaches, and started to lose his vocabulary.

That’s when a CT scan revealed an egg-sized melanoma in his brain.

Danny underwent surgery to remove the tumour followed by six months of treatment. After a number of other tumours appeared throughout his body, he was placed on an immunotherapy clinical trial. It proved to be life saving.

Thanks to generous supporters, melanoma research has come so far. But we still have a long way to go. Our focus remains on achieving zero deaths from melanoma - a goal we believe we can reach in our lifetime.

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“I had a complete response within about six months. All of my tumours disappeared.” Danny

Danny proudly calls himself a melanoma survivor. More than ever, he appreciates life, his friends and loved ones. He loves surfing and spending precious time with his wife Lisa and teenage daughter Gabby.

For patients like Danny, whose melanoma has spread to organs like their brain or lungs, clinical trials of new treatments are giving them a second chance at life.

Any life lost to melanoma is one too many. With your support, we will continue our research effort until we achieve our mission of zero deaths from melanoma.

Danny appreciates how immunotherapy treatment saved his life. Now he wants to give other patients the hope to watch their families grow up. 

“The advances in melanoma research are being translated to other cancers, and the potential benefits are limitless. I literally owe my life to the work that is being done at MIA.” Danny

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