Marching for Merv

Marching for Merv

13 March 2017

In early 2016, Merv Adlington was diagnosed with stage IV non-operative terminal melanoma. After finding no support groups for him and his wife Robyn in the Penrith area, Merv took it upon himself to help make The Western Sydney Melanoma Support Group happen. He wanted to make sure people in similar situations were able to share their experiences with one another.

Not long before Merv passed, he had devastatingly received the news that (his last treatment option) wasn’t working. Yet Merv remained positive…

“I haven't given up as while there is time, there is a chance that a new breakthrough might happen. Breakthroughs only come about through research and research can only happen if funds are available. This is where the Melanoma March comes into play.”

Merv's family and friends will be marching in memory of Merv as ‘Team Adlington’ at Melanoma March Western Sydney.

When you register for Melanoma March 2017, you’re helping more people than you could possibly imagine. People just like Merv.  Help us move closer to a cure for melanoma.

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