Nick's Story

Nick's Story

21 April 2016

Nick Hacket is well known to many of our clinicians – he’s been one of our surgical patients for almost 16 years.

Nick’s melanoma journey began in 1999 when he was first diagnosed after he had a suspect mole removed from his knee. Three years later Nick had lymph nodes removed after he developed lumps in his thigh. Since then he has undergone numerous and often complex surgeries to manage his disease.

One of his greatest challenges has been learning to swallow again after he had part of his larynx removed in 2006 when he spent six weeks in hospital. In comparison he says his recovery in 2014 following brain surgery for a metastatic tumour was straight forward – he was in and out of hospital and feeling well within a few days, straight back to his busy life!

Nick says his family has played a crucial role in helping him fight the battle against melanoma: “The support of my wife and family has helped me have the strength to continue to fight this disease for almost 16 years. Vivien and my children have been by my side, year in year out, every step of the way. In the good times and the bad, knowing I have the support of my family has made all the difference.”

Vivien, who has been married to Nick for 50 years, added: “We’ve all been there for Nick, whether it has been to attend appointments, or to encourage, listen and help as he’s needed us to. Our friends have also been wonderful supporting us as a family; this is something for which we are most grateful.”