Research saves lives

Research saves lives

31 January 2020

Sydney mother of two, Jennifer Benfield, faced a shock diagnosis of advanced melanoma in 2018 when tumours were found in her lung and kidney.

‘My world came crashing down - I just didn’t think something like this could happen to me,’ said Jen. ‘My biggest fear was not being around to see my two young children grow up. It was so hard explaining melanoma to my kids, but I tried to be honest with them and also re-assure them that I had the world’s best team in my corner.’

Jen understands first hand how crucial it is that Melanoma Institute Australia continues to receive funding to progress life-saving research. After participating in a clinical trial and undergoing surgery, Jennifer is now disease free.

‘I am so lucky to have had access to the best minds in melanoma research and treatment, and am so grateful for their dedication each and every day to saving lives from melanoma,’ said Jen.

‘Being able to tell my children that I now have no evidence of disease was the best day ever! Thanks to the tireless work of the Melanoma Institute Australia team, I now have hopes for a promising future with my family.’

Jen and her family are urging all Australians to support life-saving research by joining a Melanoma March event near them.

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