Melanoma Patients Australia Symposium Series

Melanoma Institute Australia was proud to support Melanoma Patients Australia (MPA) with an informative Melanoma Symposium Series, a series of four webinars which provide information and support to melanoma patients and their carers.

The four webinars were held in October and November. Recordings of the webinars are being released during December.

  • Webinar One - Dermatology & Melanoma Surgery
  • Webinar Two - Psychological Health & Wellbeing
  • Webinar Three - Melanoma Treatments & Clinical Trials
  • Webinar Four - Latest Melanoma Research Targeted Therapy & Brain Metastases 

Videos were produced by Melanoma Patients Australia and supported by Melanoma Institute Australia and Bristol Myers Squibb.


MPA Melanoma Symposium Series Webinar One: Dermatology and Melanoma Surgery

Webinar One is a fascinating webinar on the topic of Dermatology & Melanoma Surgery, with guest speakers Associate Professor Victoria Mar and Associate Professor David Gyorki.


MPA Melanoma Symposium Series Webinar Two: Psychological Health & Wellbeing

In Webinar Two a panel of experts, Professor Michael Jefford, Professor Jane Turner, MIA’s Dietitian Jane Freeman and MIA’s physiotherapist Dr Teresa Lee, discuss the benefits and effects of mental wellbeing, healthy eating and exercise when managing melanoma.


MPA Melanoma Symposium Series Webinar Three: Melanoma Treatments & Clinical Trials

Webinar Three includes informative discussions about immunotherapy, latest treatment updates, clinical trials and a patient's experience of being on a clinical trial. Speakers include MIA's Professor Georgina Long AO, Professor Grant McArthur from Peter Mac, and patient speaker Narelle Wyrsch.


MPA Melanoma Symposium Series Webinar Four: Latest Melanoma Research, Targeted Therapy and Brain Metastases.

Webinar Four features three speakers from MIA - Professor Richard Scolyer, A/Professor Alex Menzies and Professor Angela Hong - sharing their expertise on latest melanoma research, targeted therapy and brain metastases.